Display Case Preachers

Display Case Pastor

Display Case Preachers:

  • Only studies for the upcoming message
  • Prays before bed, over meals and when waking ONLY
  • Don’t visit the sick
  • Don’t seek after the fallen
  • Stays in the “Study” during prayer meeting
  • Does not evangelize
  • Does not mind absence of church growth so long as it doesn’t remove them from their platform
  • Is elated simply to hold their title and receive accolades

There are so many communities around the United States hungry for real leaders of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Our cities are littered with those who love to receive fanfare amid a few diligent workers in the Gospel field. As we intermittently see social conflict outbreaks in the U.S. that later attract marchers and activist, mostly perhaps interested in the spotlight, we must NOW call for an accountability of faith leadership in the community beyond the FOUR WALLS.

If a group is in a community claiming to be a ministry we must begin to ask a simple and fair question, “what SERVICE are you bringing or offering our community?” With the coming of the LORD JESUS CHRIST being close at hand is it a time to immerse ourselves in anniversary and appreciation gatherings when the world is in such a dilapidated state? While the church in the United States of America is engrossed in hero-worship festivities and antics during gatherings there are serious issues of violence, sickness, failure of the family structure and more not to mention international issues that Christendom in the U.S. can hardly focus on for the distraction of infiltrated pop culture.

Parishioners mostly resemble their leadership like children resemble their parents. It has always BEEN time for leaders to take to the streets with their parishioners as a preemptive measure against riots, social decay and the void of a sound knowledge of the living GOD. The reason so many churches exist in inner-city communities is because there is little to be expected of leadership than to stand behind a podium and SPEAK. Because this standard of expectancy is so low it makes the seat of leadership seem to be a place of ease and celebration, no wonder EVERYONE is an Apostle Today!!!

I believe if there is ever a conquest of ISIS, or some similar group, in the United States of America they will visit churches that have Display Case Preachers first demanding they convert or DIE. In these times, it would behoove leaders who are in it for ease and pampering to step down!

For those leaders who would like to be agents of change in the world, NOW is the time (if you’re not presently) to move out of your display case to change the world!!!

“He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.”– Psalm 24:4

About chb911us

C.E. Burns Jr. is a minister of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST , an author, a musician, a father, grandfather, who believes the only utopia humankind will ever experience is the reign of JESUS CHRIST on Earth! This is a blog to simply share a few thoughts taken from the "C.E. Burns Jr. tote bag" to share with the global cyber-community.
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