Don’t embitter, oppress, spoil, cripple nor attempt to live vicariously through them, but simply love your sons. Desire for them to become according to all they were designed to be in GOD’s plan.


“When righteous men do rejoice, there is great glory: but when the wicked rise, men hide themselves” Proverbs 28:12

When you want greater for your children than you had, you will live the best example before them to get them there.
— Pastor Michael Otano
Christian Revival Center, Merrillville, IN

About chb911us

C.E. Burns Jr. is a minister of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST , an author, a musician, a father, grandfather, who believes the only utopia humankind will ever experience is the reign of JESUS CHRIST on Earth! This is a blog to simply share a few thoughts taken from the "C.E. Burns Jr. tote bag" to share with the global cyber-community.
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