Concerning 1 Corinthians 11:10


There has been much controversy surrounding the issue of what Paul was getting at concerning a woman’s hair in the book of I Corinthians Chapter 11 which reads:

“1Co 11:10 For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels.”

The word that Paul is using in the Greek means “mastery” or “delegated influence”. It is a choice on the woman’s part to possess and seize an opportunity to have influence by way of displaying DISTINCTION.

Below I’d like to explore and share in more detail concerning this matter:

On the topic of HAIR in I Corinthians 11:10 the scripture is aiming to make a distinction both in roles and in distinguishing strength sources found in the manner in which ministry is illustrated. Unless we make a distinction between the man and woman, whereas in today’s society the lines are blurred or at least attempted, we lose touch with what makes a woman unique and what makes a man unique and lose touch with their purpose and function.

The most powerful tool, or rather impact, a woman has in a relationship is her INFLUENCE. If it is viewed that somehow this is not important, whereas sometimes it is inadvertently overlooked in the mere pursuit to survive, because of women emulating men then women lose their ultimate place of effectiveness, INFLUENCE.

Sure, women can compete and in some arenas excel with or beyond their male counterparts but a world with either men only or women only is a wrecked place.

So then, a woman not being ashamed to bare her distinction (as opposed to bearing her distinction as a burden) is truly powerful indeed same as if we openly show CHRIST as opposed to trying to assimilate the World are we then truly powerful. Therefore it is shown in our distinction rather living a separated (sanctified) life in CHRIST the true power of our testimony and acceptable glory unto the LORD is revealed. Whereas many see it a matter of awkwardness or labor in displaying a dissimilar lifestyle from that of the World it is necessary to do so that we may remain identifiable from those who are unregenerated in order that we might win some to JESUS CHRIST our LORD. Our strength is not like that of the World in bold statements through fashion, faddism (short-lived) or cultural idioms (embedded in ethnic identity) but exemplified in our resemblance to the Word of GOD in all of our dimensional aspects.

Just as a woman should be as womanly as she possibly can and in that she has influence to elevate her man among men [Proverbs 31:23] (same as a man should be manly according to the condemnation listed in I Corinthians 6:9 for a man being otherwise) a believer should “Look” like a believer as much as we possibly can so that no one gets the wrong idea of which side we stand and that we might delight our GOD.

It is found no clearer than as stated by the Apostle Peter in his First Epistle Chapter 2 and verse 9:

“ But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:”

Sadly, the strivings against the preserving of these distinctions in the natural is indicative of the strivings against the most scared of all eccentricity in the spirit realm. So do you choose to bare forth HIS Glory or do you bear it with contentions? Are you making the line as conspicuous as possible or are you equivocal and difficult to read? Make a Distinction! Show forth HIS Praise!

About chb911us

C.E. Burns Jr. is a minister of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST , an author, a musician, a father, grandfather, who believes the only utopia humankind will ever experience is the reign of JESUS CHRIST on Earth! This is a blog to simply share a few thoughts taken from the "C.E. Burns Jr. tote bag" to share with the global cyber-community.
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2 Responses to Concerning 1 Corinthians 11:10

  1. Ann Perekibina Fekumo says:

    I want to know if a Lady cuts her hair to s style and color it,is it a sin?

    • chb911us says:

      Hi Ann, and Thank you for your question. I would share with you that the bible says in Romans 14 that whatever is not of faith is sin and 1 John 5 days all unrighteousness is sin. It becomes unrighteous when one is instructed of the word and does not do it. It is important that every believer belong to a local assembly, which is the Body. No private interpretation of scripture is profitable for anyone since the word itself is not by private interpretation, therefore it is important to be part of a church aligned with bible teachings; if your local assembly teaches not to cut hair in order to show its distinction and separation to Christ, then it is profitable to follow this; the sin would become the unrighteousness of rebelling against that assembly’s standard. People who battle for self expression should be careful and examine if they are subject to anything. Before one can be born again They must exercise submission. The lack of submission is pride and the bible speaks expressly that “GOD resist the proud”. Finally, pray about this, both your question and my response, and be willing to submit yourself to the LORD JESUS CHRIST will for your life. Thanks again. GOD bless

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