Can “Love” ever actually have NO conditions or basis??? (Thought Provoker)

We hear the constant tote of the concept of “unconditional love” when referring to true love or the love of the Creator (the Yahweh GOD). I have always tried to see things from angles that perhaps have seldom been explored and the thought ran through my mind, as it were, “is there actually any love that is truly without condition?” While exploring this I am pressed to consider perhaps what is meant when we tag the GOD-love as being without condition.

First, a condition would be understood as a term or stipulation to meet in order to receive some benefit or desired outcome. Yes folks! I get it! For that aspect of a condition I agree that, of course, the Jehovah GOD does not love us because we fulfilled a term or stipulation through effort, however we do all meet a CRITERIA which is also representative of a type of condition; we all are a product of Him!

There is nothing that is that He didn’t create. There is no existence without Him. The GOD of creation lifts up His word above everything else about Him i.e. even His name (Psalm 138:2), and mankind along with the rest of creation is a product of the Creator’s own word! He can be angry and despise dispositions but His ultimate expression is love toward us. In this I propose that GOD “so loved the world” because of something, because we are a product of Him.

Often we hear and witness in many ways people exchanging vows and gestures of love and hardly ever if they are asked will they express that they love the person strictly for NO REASON. When most people verbally express love they preference it with a because. Whether to say “because of the way you think”, “because of the time we’ve known one another” or even simply “because you’re GOD’s creation” are all expressions of a love object’s fulfillment of a condition.

Is there at all truly a love without condition? Does GOD Himself love without condition? Is there not a “because” to every affinity and a “why” for every embrace? We are the work of GOD’s hand, therefore could He help to not love us would He not then despise Himself? There is always a condition, some menial, some sentimental and some principled in nature but all for some reason.

I believe a better description of unconditional love (Agape Love) is a love that loves through and through regardless of faults and offenses. It loves beyond the point of friendship or other affinities, it loves on the condition that someone or something is; upon this proposal it cannot be referred to as “unconditional love” but merely an endure love established upon the most basic condition of existence. #ceburnsjr

-C.E. Burns Jr.Image



About chb911us

C.E. Burns Jr. is a minister of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST , an author, a musician, a father, grandfather, who believes the only utopia humankind will ever experience is the reign of JESUS CHRIST on Earth! This is a blog to simply share a few thoughts taken from the "C.E. Burns Jr. tote bag" to share with the global cyber-community.
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