Guilty Stain of Divorce


One enemy against the moral fiber of United States social construct is DIVORCE! Divorce for most is like a punch in the gut that some never completely recover from, carrying emotional wounds for years after the ink has dried on court documents. When children are involved in divorce, we have allowed ourselves to buy into the LIE that nothing has to change for the child and things will continue as normal in parenting only “mommy and daddy won’t be together”. This is a lame attempt for people to justify themselves, or perhaps not send the child into an immediate panic before the process completes. The truth is that divorce, unless the marriage was merely a business contract, rattles the existence of everyone connected to it; in-laws, friends, children in the marriage, nieces and nephews and siblings.


Divorce has gradually become as mindless an action as filing bankruptcy in America! And like bankruptcy, there is damage to repair in order to rebuild credibility and emotional soundness (for those who were emotionally invested). In Christian churches the divorce rate is shameful at best when described. Fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce in America; depending on which brand of Christian you are determines if you’re less likely than the general populous and your group (i.e. Catholic, Protestant, Apostolic, etc.) dictates the percentage of the difference. Nevertheless, divorce remains a plague and an uppercut that leaves shell-shocked divorcees dazed and out of focus from becoming their most productive selves. In the church there is an added factor; when a committed believer suffers divorce it not only becomes an emotional wound to bear but also a challenge to the believer’s testimony for JESUS CHRIST.

If more people were warned beforehand of the scars brought on by divorce during the prelude and counselling period to marriage, more people perhaps would think twice before marrying and/or before divorce seeking alternatives through marital support services.


There is so much going on in our world. As the Church of JESUS CHRIST, believers can’t afford more of the casualties nor the time wasted in divorce. Facing things to come such as a move toward a one world government opening the path for the emergence of the Anti-Christ and a period of Great Tribulation on Earth, there is no more critical time for born again Christians to allow CHRIST to shine through their relationships than now. Christians must show that a living God is not only able to keep them while being single but also champion the testimony that the same God can influence marriage through the faith of married believers.


As our nation is challenged more and more by moral depravity eventually we must face the fact that broken people produce broken environments; brokenness most times, more than not, has its origin from the family (broken homes). In these times Christian believers must make every effort to fight for their own fort. Christian pastors must watch over Christian marriages with intent to ward off threats. Friends of Christian married couples who themselves are Christians must be a support to encourage adhesion between those married.

Though divorce is not the unforgivable sin, it is a distracting stain on our testimony for CHRIST that is not lightly regarded by those that a divorced witness of JESUS must bear witness.

Yours Truly,

John Q. Divorcee

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Land of Gross NARCISSISM: Home of the Free? Or Home of the Bound?

Voluminous Narcissism

NARCISSISM is BONDAGE! Worldwide, but particularly in the United States of America, we are in a massive culture shift. Everything that was once held as normal is challenged, some good, some questionable and others downright destructive as it pertains to human social roles that contribute to healthy societal advancement.

It is when we start propagating that neither is a mother or a father particularly important but only that a child has need of someone to give them compassion and provisions that we begin to unravel the thread of Human Continuity both PHYSIOLOGICALLY and SPIRITUALLY.

The Body of CHRIST has come under certain attack by proliferating subcultures that aim to undermine the Right of the Christian to BELIEVE the Word of GOD. This has been easily infiltrated against all faith-based communities in the United States due to a longstanding status of spiritual lethargy, especially that of Christendom. At the sequestering of the “non-offensive” so-called preaching of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST many churches have been reduced to motivational depots or weekly prosperity seminars and the preaching of HOLINESS UNTO the LORD has been put out the door and sat on the back porch.

Recent images in the media, as seen in the photo of this post, should alarm every believer of any faith but particularly Christians (Born Again Believers in JESUS CHRIST).

The Times are conditioning the WORLD to be more accepting of boldly defying that which is logical and taking unprecedented ease to dive belly first into the bottomless abyss of DEBAUCHERY. Even now the secular system grows hungry to receive the person of the Anti-Christ in its fearless abhorring of the things of Yahweh.

Today we have closed the pages of rebuke, instruction in righteous living and leading the lost out of darkness in exchange for mainstream acceptance and the dubious escape from ridicule.

As men (and women) heavily indulge in themselves the fear of Yahweh is lost and as a result the security of our times fade to be less and less clear.  As our politicians, celebrities and engagers of “blurred-line subcultures” tell us we need MORE alleged FREEDOM, are we not progressively mutating into beast void of GOD? We are near fully come into the era of the ubiquitous influence of man, what man(6) wants what man(6) says what man(6) thinks is all that matters.

Freedom unbridled, and not Liberty, is Bondage indeed. Liberty is what our forefathers sought to bring us in the United States of America. Liberty is freedom that has boundaries so that we don’t impede upon the freedom of our neighbor. “Give me Liberty, or give me death” once said by Patrick Henry exemplifies the quest that our Nation should be pursuing. But where our Nation has erred in logic and has abandoned IN GOD WE TRUST, Christians have retreated from testifying of the One True GOD and cower in lethargy and sensationalism.

Only where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is Liberty! It will not be a Political Uprising that will deter us from the path of inevitable bondage but rather a Spiritual Uprising of the Body of CHRIST fighting not a carnal/natural battle, but a warfare in the spirit through prayerful supplication, intercession, fasting, praise and holiness.

In a land once founded for purposes of escaping tyranny and persecutions, the Church Community (of the Christian church) now has come under attack in a day of technological and economic advancement with spiritual famine. The media, government and scoffers have become a modern day Sennacherib lulling the church-world into spiritual hunger through its (Christendom’s) anguish of rejection.

So long as the church-world (Christendom) will imperil its boundaries and standards of faith-culture and preaching in fear of ridicule it is not free, though it be animated…it is not free, though it makes sound…it is bond and near unto death.

We Must combat this spirit of Narcissism that has taken over our society, is killing family structure and renders the infected believer powerless against a spiritual enemy. In this we will stand to bear a light for the lost who are seeking salvation which is in JESUS CHRIST alone, and in that save our own souls.

2 Chronicles 7:14- “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

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Endure hardness… Work out your salvation


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Press Toward the Mark!


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Few Esteem Toil


“For many are called….”
– Minister to those in despair
– Minister to the sick
– Minister to those who lack
– Minister to those who are shut in
– Minister to the unregenerate
– Study
– Pray
– Fast
– Intercede
– Restore the fallen
– Correct
– Confront wickedness
– Encourage

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Where there is no Vision…


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In CHRIST JESUS we must…


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Display Case Preachers

Display Case Pastor

Display Case Preachers:

  • Only studies for the upcoming message
  • Prays before bed, over meals and when waking ONLY
  • Don’t visit the sick
  • Don’t seek after the fallen
  • Stays in the “Study” during prayer meeting
  • Does not evangelize
  • Does not mind absence of church growth so long as it doesn’t remove them from their platform
  • Is elated simply to hold their title and receive accolades

There are so many communities around the United States hungry for real leaders of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Our cities are littered with those who love to receive fanfare amid a few diligent workers in the Gospel field. As we intermittently see social conflict outbreaks in the U.S. that later attract marchers and activist, mostly perhaps interested in the spotlight, we must NOW call for an accountability of faith leadership in the community beyond the FOUR WALLS.

If a group is in a community claiming to be a ministry we must begin to ask a simple and fair question, “what SERVICE are you bringing or offering our community?” With the coming of the LORD JESUS CHRIST being close at hand is it a time to immerse ourselves in anniversary and appreciation gatherings when the world is in such a dilapidated state? While the church in the United States of America is engrossed in hero-worship festivities and antics during gatherings there are serious issues of violence, sickness, failure of the family structure and more not to mention international issues that Christendom in the U.S. can hardly focus on for the distraction of infiltrated pop culture.

Parishioners mostly resemble their leadership like children resemble their parents. It has always BEEN time for leaders to take to the streets with their parishioners as a preemptive measure against riots, social decay and the void of a sound knowledge of the living GOD. The reason so many churches exist in inner-city communities is because there is little to be expected of leadership than to stand behind a podium and SPEAK. Because this standard of expectancy is so low it makes the seat of leadership seem to be a place of ease and celebration, no wonder EVERYONE is an Apostle Today!!!

I believe if there is ever a conquest of ISIS, or some similar group, in the United States of America they will visit churches that have Display Case Preachers first demanding they convert or DIE. In these times, it would behoove leaders who are in it for ease and pampering to step down!

For those leaders who would like to be agents of change in the world, NOW is the time (if you’re not presently) to move out of your display case to change the world!!!

“He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.”– Psalm 24:4

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Crying Shame


“Give diligence to present yourself approved by God, a workman who doesn’t need to be ashamed, properly handling the Word of Truth.” –2 Timothy 2:15

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“For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.” – Romans 8:19


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